Pretty Leaf Print Bee

  • White stock card A4
  • Acrylic paint yellow and orange
  • Brush
  • Water bowl
  • Black marker
  • Newspaper
  • Garden leaves

Collect some leaves from your garden. Have a play with the leaves you have collected to find the best ones to make a bee shape on the white card.


Once you are happy with the placement, take the leaf that you will use for the body, paint it with yellow paint, (using the newspaper as a painting mat) and place it in the middle of the page paint side down.


Gentle rub the back of the leaf to make the print. Carefully peel the leaf off the page. Now you have printed the bee’s body.


Continue the same process for the head and wings. Change the colour of the paint to orange when you print the wings. Allow to dry.


Once the paint is dry take the black marker and draw the bee’s legs, eyes and feelers. You will draw and colour the bee’s stripes in as well. You can outline the wings if they need defining. BEE amazing and display your wonderful work on a wall for everyone to see!


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Pretty Leaf Print Bee

Take a walk in your garden for a scavenger hunt for some leaves to paint.


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