Urban Sketchers Weekend

Friday 26 - Sunday 28 November

Participate in a unique urban sketching experience over a weekend with two remarkable artists and teachers, Miriam Innes and Ron McBurnie within West Village in the heart of West End.

Miriam and Ron will be conducting workshops, presenting talks and leading sketch walks. There will be an exhibition of the work produced at the end of the weekend.

Numbers for the workshops are limited to 30 people, 15 people for each workshop. In true urban sketchers style, the Sketch walks are free, open to anyone, as is the exhibition.



Miriam Innes

Irish-born Queensland artist Miriam Innes, is internationally renowned for her large-scale hyper-realistic charcoal sketches of the built environment. Her practice draws attention to often-neglected details and invites a closer examination of architectural features, materials, and structures within urban environments. She challenges viewers to rethink the beauty which can be found within the built environment and the rich complexity which can be easily overlooked.

Miriam has exhibited widely across Australia and internationally. She was awarded the Lyn McCrea Memorial Drawing Prize People’s Choice Award 2020 with her recently acclaimed work New York Rambling, an immersive installation which celebrates the New York City skyline. It measures more than 27 metres and took up to two years to complete. 

As an art worker, Miriam has facilitated drawing programmes and workshops in the Middle East and Australia. In 2021 the artist turned her attention toward the historical gold town of Gympie, QLD where she now resides. Coinciding with the National Trust Queensland historical festival, she facilitated a six weeks plein air sketching group with particular focus in drawing the aged and historical buildings throughout the town, the results went on display in an exhibit at the Gympie Regional Art Gallery.




Ron McBurnie

Ron is a Townsville based artist for 4 decades.  In his work, he draws upon a variety of different sources; from contemporary and historical art as well as visual observations gathered directly from life. Ideas for artworks may come from obscure and seemingly unconnected bits and pieces of information but become linked and act as one within the structure of an individual work. As each new work progresses lessons learned while making earlier works are used and developed further.

Many of the artworks he has made usually form part of a series of other related works. The series may sometimes take a number of years to complete. Ron believes that as he grows older and sees the world differently, that the new images he makes, evolve and adapt to suit his own personal changes.

Ron has taught, been an artist in residence and exhibited widely, most recently at the Mackay Artspace with his ‘In Search of Acradia’ exhibition.