Solving for the Future – West Village

Solving for the Future

West Village will be designed for modern and sustainable inner-city living. Smart building design means apartments will have reduced need for heating or cooling - while rainwater harvesting will be used to keep the parkland and extensive gardens lush and green. Every apartment will have high ceilings, living and bedroom ceiling fans and large balconies from which to enjoy Brisbane's sub-tropical climate.

West Village's unmatched location close to the CBD, to education, healthcare and culture makes green and clean transportation effortless. Getting to and from home, work or play at West Village will never be easier with the inclusion of West End's first car sharing scheme, public charging stations for electric vehicles and a state of the art bicycle centre.

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97 Boundary St West End

Open Monday to Friday 10am - 4pm 
Weekends 10am - 1pm 

Phone: 1300 985 465