Frequently Asked Questions – West Village

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Access & Security

    Will entry to the building foyer be accessible by swipe card or key?
    Building entries and foyers will be secured and accessible via swipe card and key.

    What type of intercom will I have?
    Video / Audio intercom to your apartment from the main building entry.

    Is the intercom linked to the car park entrance as well?

    What security will there be?
    Carpark, individual floors and common areas will be secured. CCTV cameras will monitor all entry/exits.

    Where will the mailboxes be located?
    Wilson Street – next to the main building entry.

    Will there be an onsite Building Manager?
    There is a manager’s office with the intention for an onsite manager, however an agreement has not been finalised.

  • Car Parking & Storage

    How many car spaces will be available in the development?
    339 residential. In addition, West Village will have 450 commercial public carparks and visitor carparks.

    How many entrance points are there for vehicles?
    Stage 1 will be accessed by a single entry off Wilson Street.

    Can I purchase an additional car space?

    Is the car space secure?
    Parking spaces are secure behind an access gate for residents and business owners.

    Is street parking available?
    Yes. Resident and visitor parking is available within the surrounding streets of West Village.

    Will I get a storage space?
    No storage is provided in carparks, however owners may choose to retrofit at their own expense.

    Is there parking for bicycles?
    Yes, each apartment will have access to bicycle parking.

  • General

    What is the movement of traffic around the area? Will there be any new traffic lights?
    No upgrades are required for Stage One (1).

    How many apartments are available in Stage One (1)?
    137 apartment in Park building.
    194 apartments in Lexington building.
    Total of 331 apartments in Stage One (1).

    What is the building and apartment mix in West Village.
    The current master plan approval provides for a range in height from 3 storeys to 22 storeys. The apartment mix will range from one, two, three bedroom apartment plus limited penthouses and some townhouses.

    What is the size of West Village?
    West Village occupies a site of 2.6 hectares and is bounded by Boundary (50 meters), Mollison (185 meters), Little Jane (64 meters) and Wilson Streets (103 meters).

    Are the two buildings in Stage One (1) connected?
    The buildings physically share a car park and entry sequence. Amenities are shared between the buildings.

    What is the plan for the Peters Ice Cream Factory?
    The heritage listed Ice Cream Factory will be redeveloped to offer character retail and a selection of premium quality loft style apartments.

    How will the apartments be integrated into heritage space in West Village?
    The apartments will be built around two heritage/character building dating from 1920s. These buildings will be retained and refurbished to deliver in the order of 2,000sqm of character retail outlets.

    How many lifts are in West Village?
    There are two (2) residential lifts in each of the buildings, which totals four (4) residential li s in Stage One (1). Each townhouse will have its own private lift which does not form part of the body corporate.

    Expected completion on of West Village?
    It is currently forecasted that Stage One (1) will be completed in the third quarter of 2018. Future stages are subject to market conditions.

    How many stages are in West Village?
    There are currently anticipated to be nine (9) apartment buildings across 3 three (3) stages, however this is subject to change (increase or decrease).

    How much laneway will be built in West Village?
    There will be approximately 500 metres of laneways and open walkways throughout the site.

    When will The Common be built?
    The park area known as The Common is the centre piece of West Village and is scheduled to be completed by late 2018, in line with the first residential buildings Park and Lexington.

    Where is Mollison Park?
    The family friendly greens of Mollison Park is situated directly adjacent to The Common and the two parks will deliver more than 2,000sqm of gardens and lawns.

    Council Fees?
    Estimated $313 per quarter.

    Water Rates?
    Estimated $203 per quarter.

  • Legal

    How many strata schemes are there for West Village?
    One (1) strata scheme for Stage One (1).

  • Noise & Acoustics

    The apartment I like is attached to a lift well. Will I hear it going up and down?
    No, lift cores will be acoustically treated.

  • Apartments

    What appliances can I expect in my apartment?
    Refer to the schedule of finishes in the Disclosure Statement. A stove, oven, clothes dryer, dishwasher will be provided to all apartments. Selected one (1) bedroom apartments will be provided with a washer / dryer combination unit in lieu of a clothes dryer.

    What are the average size of the apartments?
    Average 1 Bed = 67sqm, Average 2 bed = 94sqm, Average 3 bed = 127sqm.

    Are the appliances integrated?
    The dishwasher is fully integrated.

    What is the size of the fridge area?
    Generally 830mm wide x 800mm deep x 1,800mm tall.

    What type of ventilation will be used for my rangehood?

    Is the oven gas or electric?
    The oven is electric. The stove burners are gas.

    Is the oven a combined microwave?

    What items will be provided in my laundry?
    A dryer and a sink will be provided to all apartments. Select one (1) bedroom apartments will be provided with a washer / dryer combination unit in lieu of a clothes dryer.

    Will blinds be included in my apartment?

    Will the apartments have soft close drawers?

    Will there be any shelving or drawers within the wardrobe?
    Yes, open and hanging shelves will be available.

    What colour schemes can we choose from?
    Shimmer or Natural schemes are available.

    What will the flooring of the living room be?
    Timber finish – refer to schedule of finishes.

    What will the flooring of the balcony be?
    600mm x 300mm select tile – refer to schedule of finishes.

    Do the balcony doors have a frame lip or is it seamless?
    Balconies will be set-down, frames will have a lip.

    Is there gas and water to the balcony?
    No. Units with Terraces will have a water point.

    Will the balcony / terrace have a light?

    What is the ceiling height of the balcony?
    Approximately 2,700mm.

    How do my windows operate – sliding, awning, etc.?
    Combination of travel restricted operable and fixed windows – refer to the floorplan.

    What material will the exterior wall be made of?
    Rendered / Pre finished Panels or Painted Precast Concrete.

    How thick are the internal walls between apartments and what materials are used?
    Adjoining apartment walls are designed at a minimum of 190mm to 270mm – primarily steel stud system with acoustic linings and concrete structure incorporated within some of the wall systems.

    What materials will be used in the hallways?

    Is the hot water for my apartment central or isolated to my apartment?
    A central hot water plant (under a u utlity agreement) will be provided – refer to the Disclosure Statement.

    Will my apartment have NBN capability or ADSL and to which rooms?
    NBN or equivalent will be provided to each apartment (living area as a minimum) – refer to the Disclosure Statement.

    How many power points are in each bedroom of my apartment?
    Two double GPO’s will be provided.

    How many telephone points will there be? Where will they be located?
    Telephone points will be provided in the lounge and all bedrooms.

    Will I get prewired Pay TV and to which rooms?
    Yes, to living only.

    How many air conditioning units will be in the apartments? Where will they be located?
    All apartments will have air conditioning in the living room and the main bedroom.

    Does the air conditioning units have separate temperature controls for living and bedrooms?

    Where will the air conditioning condenser units be located?
    Screened on balconies for one (1) and two (2) bedroom apartments. Three (3) bedroom apartments will be remotely located on the roof. Three (3) bedroom executive apartments will have a screened condenser on the 2nd Balcony.

    Can we mix and match the finishing styles?

    Can the apartment come without certain fitouts?

    What is the ceiling height?
    Approximately 2,700mm with bulkheads reducing.

    What type of lighting will be in my apartment?
    Recessed LED downlights.

    Where are the garbage shoots located?
    On each floor, there is a single garbage chute and recycling chute.

    Is the building pet friendly?
    Yes, pets are permitted – refer to the Disclosure Statement.

  • Transport & Facilities

    Where is the closest public transport stop?
    There are bus stops located along both Mollison and Boundary Street frontages of West Village. The West End City Glider links West End through the City and Fortitude Valley to Newstead.

    How long is the bus ride to the CBD?
    Bus 192 departing Mollison Street will take approximately 9 minutes to Brisbane CBD.

    Where is the closest train station?
    South Brisbane Train Station is approximately 5 minutes walk away.

    How long is it to drive to the City?
    Brisbane CBD is located approximately 1.1km away and less than a 6 minutes drive; which is approximately 10 minutes walk.

    How long is it to drive to the Airport?
    Brisbane Airport is located approximately 17km away and less than 20 minutes drive via Airport Link Tunnel.

    How long is it to drive to the Gold Coast?
    Gold Coast is located approximately 1 hour drive from West Village.

    Where are the closest shops / food outlets?
    There is an existing vibrant café & retail presence already within Boundary Street, West End, all within easy walking distance of West Village.

    Where are the closest childcare centres?
    West End Community Childcare which is located approximately 200 meters from West Village.

    What are the closest schools?
    West End Public School and Brisbane State High School are both situated 500 meters from West Village.

    How far is it to university?
    The nearest university campus is CQUniversity, located in the CBD just a 13 minutes bike ride away.
    West Village is also close to the University of Queensland (St Lucia), a 15 minutes drive or 30 minutes walk and ferry; 15 minutes bus to Griffith Film School; 20 minutes by bus to Queensland University of Technology.

    What parks are nearby?
    Musgrave Park is located approximately 450 meters from West Village and Davies Park is located approximately 800m from West Village.

    Is there a gym close by?
    A gym will likely be included as part of the master plan. However, there are multiple gyms within close walking distance to West Village. These include SNAP fitness on Browning Street and Healthworks West End on Vulture Street.

  • Retail

    What type of retail will be o ered in Stage One (1)?
    No retail will be delivered with Stage One (1). Retail is proposed including a supermarket and other speciality retail as part of future staging.

  • Project Team

    Who is the developer for West Village?
    Sekisui House Australia.

    Who is the builder for West Village?
    Hutchinson Builders.

    Who is the architect for West Village?
    Hayball. They are also the interior architect for West Village.

    Who is the retail architect for West Village?
    ACME & Co.

    Who is the landscape architect for West Village?
    RPS Group.