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West Village Accelerates Car Sharing Trend

Thursday, 31st Aug 2017

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West Village Accelerates Car Sharing Trend

The West Village development is driving the car-free revolution on Boundary St, West End with the launch of the first GoGet car share service in a residential development in Brisbane.

West Village’s fleet of 10 GoGet vehicles will put a reliable, convenient and affordable transport option on the doorstep of West End residents who wish to live car-free.

It will also be the largest GoGet pod in Brisbane.

The online service allows its members to pay only for the time they use a car; which can be hired for as little as one hour, with rates working out to between $6 to $8 per hour, including fuel and insurance.

West Village project director Andrew Thompson said the launch of the GoGet service was part of the development’s commitment to becoming a 5-Star Green Star Community.

Mr Thompson said the service will be available to the public and all West Village residents would receive one year’s free membership.

“GoGet is ideal for the inner-city lifestyle as it saves on the expense of buying and maintaining a car when public and active transport options are readily available,” he said.

“The wider benefits to the community are that car sharing lowers car usage, removes private vehicles from local streets and improves air quality.

“We see GoGet as the perfect partner for West Village in promoting and delivering a sustainable, affordable and enjoyable urban lifestyle.”

The first car in the fleet has already hit the road at West Village. Her name is “Lulu”, an Audi A1 that will be based in Mollison Street right next to the City Glider stop.

The West Village-based pod of vehicles will expand as the staged development is completed to include a range of options including SUVs, sedans and hatchbacks.

Drivers wishing to use the service can simply sign up online for a membership card that is used to get into the car and access the keys.

Founded in Sydney in 2003, GoGet operates more than 2000 cars in five Australian cities with 90,000 members who have clocked up more than three million trips.

In a further boost to the environment, the GoGet fleet has newer and more fuel-efficient cars including hybrid vehicles, and each vehicle is shared between approximately 23 members.

GoGet reports that people drive on average 20 per cent less after becoming a member and that each GoGet car leads to nine private cars being taken off the road.

“Carshare is a proven community benefit that reduces congestion, encourages local living and has been shown to boost the local economy,” said Christopher Vanneste, head of locations and partnerships GoGet.

“Carshare at West Village is a first of its kind in a residential development in Brisbane and will give residents and the local community convenient access to a wardrobe of vehicles without the hassle of ownership,” he said.

Located just 1.1km from Brisbane’s CBD and adjacent to the South Bank cultural precinct, West Village is an iconic destination celebrating the culture and heritage of West End.

For more information, visit goget.com.au and westvillage.com.au.