New trends in ice cream at the 2018 Brisbane Ice Cream Festival – West Village

New trends in ice cream at the 2018 Brisbane Ice Cream Festival

10th March 2018

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New trends in ice cream at the 2018 Brisbane Ice Cream Festival

Choices, choices. Coffee in a Cone of the Snickers Ice Cream Sandwich? Or maybe the Golden Gaytime Bao?

The 2018 Brisbane Ice Cream Festival at West End will showcase emerging trends in frozen delicacy, plus a few traditional favourites.

7,500 Brisbane locals - the tickets sold out in just 12 minutes - will attend the annual Festival around the historic Peters Ice Cream Factory on the site of the West Village development. Each vendor is doing something that has never been seen before in Brisbane.

This year, 21 ice cream vendors will offer more than 40 flavours, including alcoholic ice creams such as Aperol Spritz Gelato and the Yeeeah Dawg (red velvet gelato 'frankfurter', raspberry gel 'ketchup', passionfruit 'mustard', cream cheese custard 'mayo', and brioche bun).

West Village Sales and Marketing Director Megan Barron said the Festival would celebrate the history of the site by filling the Factory with ice cream once again. 

"During the 1980s and 90s, Peters often delivered 20-30 new product launches a year," Ms Barron said.

"The Factory was renowned for its product innovation, including the Drumstick Cone and 'chocolate plug', jelly-tipped ice cream and the Chocomalt frozen milkshake.  

 "The on-site research and development team was also responsible for classics including Hava Heart, Frosty Fruits, Billabongs, Crazy Critters, Manaco Bars and Choc Wedges."

The R&D theme from the Factory is continuing with some of this year's Festival temptations, including a "Stranger Things soft serve" from Ruby Red Van, "Green Frog Pop" or "Milk Bottle Pop" from Queen of Pops, and a "Gelato cannoli" from La Marcelleria. 

"West Village is creating a new community within the historic West End precinct and we are keen to contribute to the area's vibrant culture," Ms Barron said.

"The Ice Cream Festival has been a standout success in its first two years and we hope it becomes an annual bookmark on the Brisbane foodie calendar."

The Festival will open at 11am and close at 5pm at West Village, 97 Boundary Street, West End.

As seen featured on local news bulletins - Nine News and Seven News.